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Eckhart on Obama's Economy

This week President Obama starts a 10 day tour of the Far East. He is telling angry voters in the U.S. that he is looking for jobs for Americans in India – the world’s largest democracy. But perhaps the US President simply needs to share the Power of Now.

Here is how the Present Moment can heal the world economy:

We know that ego is the source of the Pain Body – that part of our consciousness that moves toward pleasure and rejects pain. We also know that attachment causes us to care more about things than qualities like Love, Compassion, and Loving Kindness. And finally we know that addiction is what distracts us from this pain, whether it’s love, sex, money, or drug addiction.

Every country in the world wants growth every year. That is like saying what goes up must never come down. Every politician and statesman is looking for ways to boost GDP to higher and higher levels. But what would happen if we had economic equanimity? What if President Obama as the head of the world’s strongest economy began to talk about inner peace instead of economic growth at any cost? Did making more money ever bring anyone you know permanent happiness?

We’re not talking about accepting less. We’re talking about accepting. Part of living in harmony with the Universe is accepting its physical laws which include the economic cycles of nations. Regardless of the recklessness of banks and stock traders, the Universe cannot sustain continuous expansion. Even the Big Bang, which states that the Universe is constantly expanding, also says that in that expansion the Universe will cool down until all the stars burn out. The Universe will continue to get larger, but it will be a cold, lifeless, and dark Universe bereft of planets and suns.

This too is what could happen to countries obsessed with positive economic growth. The hapless search for profit at any cost bankrupts our values and quality of life.

Returning to the Present Moment shows us where our real wealth is. And that wealth does not derive from new trade agreements; it comes from the Power of Silence inside every moment; it comes from the infinity between each thought; it comes from the heart when it is open and undefended.

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Eckhart Tolle: The Power of Now

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