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A New Earth Webcast with Eckhart Tolle

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Chapter 9

Your Inner Purpose

Chapter 9
part 1 of 10

Main themes:

"Be still and know that I am God"

Inner purpose and outer purpose

Inner purpose is aligning yourself with the present moment

True satisfaction comes from alignment with your inner purpose

Chapter 9
part 2 of 10

Main themes:

The end and the means are one

Your present state of consciousness will determine the quality of your future

Aligning inner and outer purpose is the basis of true success

Let thinking be the servant of awareness

Chapter 9
part 3 of 10

Main themes:

How you do what you do is more important than doing it

If you do not yet know your outer purpose, embrace the uncertainty

Life is an adventure, not a package tour

Infinite possibilities will open up when you accept the uncertainty of life

Chapter 9
part 4 of 10

Main themes:

Knowing your life purpose does not come from thinking nor dissatisfaction

When you're not afraid of uncertainty, life will open up to you

Spiritual awakening begins with recognizing the difference between thinking and awareness

Bringing conscious awareness into everything you do

Chapter 9
part 5 of 10

Main themes:

The significance of what we do is in the doing

Bringing deeper meaning into your life

It's the intention and awareness behind what we do that matters most

Giving total awareness to what we do

Chapter 9
part 6 of 10

Main themes:

Righteousness and resentment in relationships

Observing the ego in our interactions with others

The evolutionary impulse of the universe is the growth of consciousness

There is a higher dimension of consciousness animating all physical life on earth

Chapter 9
part 7 of 10

Main themes:

Tapping into universal power and energy

Allowing God to come forth from within you

There is a guiding intelligence behind evolution

A Catholic listener shares an insight about the Holy Spirit

The Renewable Minute

Chapter 9
part 8 of 10

Main themes:

Your inner purpose is to awaken

Silence is the language of awareness

Stillness is an inner dimension that can arise anywhere

Eckhart talks about how he knows what he knows

Chapter 9
part 9 of 10

Main themes:

Live as though the present moment is more important than the future

Becoming free of egoic wanting and needing in relationships

Being conscious in the midst of a busy life

The power of not wanting this moment to be different


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Chapter 9
part 10 of 10

Main themes:

Early stages of awakening and its impact on our life

Clarity will arise when you accept what is

When you awaken, you may recognize the need to change your life

The great arises out of small things that are done with respect and awareness