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A New Earth Webcast with Eckhart Tolle

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Chapter 5

The Pain-Body
A New Earth Chapter 5 - Part 1 of 10

Main themes:

The mind is mostly involuntary

Constant mind chatter keeps our pain alive

We are a species lost in thought

Becoming aware of our thinking

A New Earth Chapter 5 - Part 2 of 10

Main themes:

The past has no power

Stepping out of the stream of thinking

The pain body is any negative emotion not fully faced

The pain body feeds on negativity

A New Earth Chapter 5 - Part 3 of 10

Main themes:

Family drama and the pain body

How to handle family drama

Being a compassionate presence

How the pain body creates conflict in our relationships

A New Earth Chapter 5 - Part 4 of 10

Main themes:

Family reactivity at holiday gatherings

The pain body reacts to every thought as if it were reality

Mental negativity and illness

Dissipating negative energy

A New Earth Chapter 5 - Part 5 of 10

Main themes:

The reluctance to let go of the past

No one can act beyond the level of their consciousness

The peace beneath the pain

Mourning loss without getting caught up in the pain body

A New Earth Chapter 5 - Part 6 of 10

Main themes:

All things are vibrating energy fields in motion

The source of the pain body is negative thinking

Violence in films feed the pain body

Root causes of violence in young people

A New Earth Chapter 5 - Part 7 of 10

Main themes:

The collective pain body

What you do to others, you do to yourself

The suppression of the feminine principle

Weight loss and negative thoughts

Thoughts that refuse to leave

A New Earth Chapter 5 - Part 8 of 10

Main themes:

Thinking is a tiny aspect of the totality of reality

Creative insights do not originate from thinking

Insights arise from stillness

A heavy pain body will intensify the desire to awaken

A New Earth Chapter 5 - Part 9 of 10

Main themes:

Letting go of obsessive thinking

Recognizing the futility of negative thoughts

Worry takes away your power

Awakening is a gradual process

A New Earth Chapter 5 - Part 10 of 10


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Main themes:

The story of the man in the restaurant

The pain body can be transmuted into presence

The pain body is trapped energy that is freed through awareness

Seeing the pain body in yourself and others