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A New Earth Webcast with Eckhart Tolle

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Chapter 4

Role-Playing: The Many
Faces of the Ego
Chapter 4
1 of 10 (8:46)

Main themes:

How to relate to those who are not on the path

Allow others to be where they are

When you react, you reinforce the patterns of others

Complete acceptance is vital

Chapter 4
2 of 10 (8:32)

Main themes:

Balancing doing and being

Planning for the future

You're light and free when you live in the present moment

The need to win drains you of power

Chapter 4
3 of 10 (9:06)

Main themes:

What about passion and ambition?

Being transparent

The deep lake effect

Freedom from external conditions

Chapter 4
4 of 10 (9:47)

Main themes:

Superiority and inferiority are the ego

The role of ego in being shy

True self esteem

The power in stillness

Chapter 4
5 of 10 (8:04)

Main themes:

Jenny McCarty

How to alleviate guilt

Structure vs. content

Guilt is a structure of the mind

Chapter 4
6 of 10 (9:03)

Main themes:

How to recognize the roles we play

Seeing patterns as they happen

The gap between events and awareness

We are not our roles and functions

Chapter 4
7 of 10 (8:59)

Main themes:

Cultivating stillness at work

Noticing the loss of presence

Accessing presence throughout the day

Great challenges can intensify presence

Chapter 4
8 of 10 (7:45)

Main themes:

Why am I more present with animals than people?

The role of the parent is not to spare the child all suffering

Every human experiences suffering

Roles we play at work

Chapter 4
9 of 10 (9:50)

Main themes:

How to stay present with young children

How to raise a more conscious child

There is sacredness in any difficulty

The secret to happiness


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Chapter 4
10 of 10 (9:50)

Main themes:

Life is the dancer, and you are the dance

There is no death

There is no such thing as 'my life'

Cultivating peace in the background of your life